I can do that

I grew up in a creative and crafty environment. My mom had a clothing business for a while where she designed and decorated clothes with puffy paints and ribbon flowers. It was so 80s. I laugh at times when I look back at photos of my sister and I in matching puffy paint, ribbon flower leggings with oversized T-shirts (


The one where I flubbed the close of my challenge

For those loyal readers out there, all zero of you, you may have noticed that August ended with no posts and mid September has arrived with a continuation on that trend. I got far enough behind that I couldn’t catch up and all of a sudden, it was September. So to those who were eagerly awaiting the posts on number, smell, your fave thing, sign, and smile, I sincerely apologize. Notice how I’m not using the word failure? I mean I suppose it’s technically a correct term when it comes to not completing some you’d say you’d complete, but who […]

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