Project: Food Budget 12

Weekly Budget $125

Actual $ Spent $264.47

  • Giant Eagle $90.27
  • Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance $38.84
  • Costco $135.36

So, um, yeah. Totally doing the budget learning thing backward.

There’s some last minute “we need chocolate for camping” purchases made there and some unsanctioned snacks purchased at Costco by N. Let me be clear that unsanctioned does mean they were not totally delicious.  But overall, I think I’m learning that the bulk protein purchases we did prior to PFB, made a huge difference and we should probably do that again.

We do have some random cuts left. There are beef bones for soup/stock that will be used when the weather cools. There are a couple huge hams that require the oven being on for 4-6 hours to cook, so again, when the weather cools. There’s still that beef liver, which I just don’t have the slightest idea what to do with. But, in general, we’re back to buying proteins on a weekly basis and that’s hitting the budget hard.

Oh! One of the Costco purchases was nuts so I might finally get around to posting that fat bomb recipe I’ve been teasing for weeks, almost months now. And I hope to post a zucchini noodle recipe too, if only because taking photos for the post requires them being made so I can eat them 🙂


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  1. Emily   •  

    OOH, love that you’re becoming more aware of what works for you (i.e.—the bulk purchase of protein). And I’m eagerly anticipating the fat bomb recipe / post. 🙂

    • sam   •     Author

      Well, the truth is I don’t really know. It felt like it worked in the context of this budget process because it was bought and paid for prior to the project. If I looked back at what we spent on those bulk purchases and divided them out over the time they were primarily eaten, I’m not sure it would be less than what we’re spending now. Hmmm…

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