Project: Food Budget Wrap Up

This iteration of Project: Food Budget has come to a close, and I’ve learned a few things over the course of the last three months:

-I can keep up with a weekly blog schedule! Who knew?

-It is pretty awesome to have things you know you need monthly just show up on your doorstep. Amazon Subscribe and Save is my friend.

-Running into the store “just for a…” at the last minute is never a good idea. Ever.

-We could stand to plan more. In fact, we should plan more. Especially in those this-week-is-going-to-be-insane-and-I-will-want-a-quality-meal-but-won’t-want-to-cook-it moments.

-Spending less than $100 at Costco is impossible.

-Sugar makes me crazy. And when I’m crazy, I want more sugar. It’s a crazy sugar hamster wheel, and the best way to get off is just never to get on again.

-I might benefit from some Project: Budget Budget. Focusing on food spending and learning where we spend our money and where we can make cuts and shifts was enlightening. I now need this kind of structure and accountability for all other spending categories.

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  1. Emily   •  

    I love the idea of a Project: Budget Budget. I also wonder if you could pick another category and choose to follow your spending for 6-12 weeks. And then move on to another. Perhaps start with the ones that are most crazy and work your way out…

    Thanks for coming along on the ride. xo

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