Breaking Up with Bullshit

I’ve been dabbling with digital detox for the last few months.

I deleted the Facebook app off my phone before going on a vacation and then just left it off. I also installed a Chrome extension called News Feed Eradicator on my work computer that replaces the feed with an inspirational quote. The inspiration is questionable as the seemingly small pool of quotes started repeating after about a week. I’ve kept the Facebook Groups app on my phone to stay connected to groups I find valuable, the number of which is steadily decreasing.

Sometimes when I consider how limited my supply of fucks are, I ask myself why I even bother with Facebook. After all, I probably spend 80% of my time there either annoyed or outraged. I’ve struggled a bit with empowering myself to create my own experience. I feared being labeled closed minded, too sensitive, or the latest and greatest, having nothing better to do than be offended by “everything.”

But then I realized that I do not give a fuck about those opinions.

There are a few important things that I do give a fuck about that are the sole reasons why I have not yet waved farewell to the juggernaut that is FB:

-I give a fuck about my family and friends. I’m not talking about “Facebook friends.” I’m talking about real true life friends and family that I have spent time with, laughed with, cried with, and who all give a fuck about me. Facebook allows me to stay relatively connected to them when I don’t get to see them in person often.

-I give a fuck about cute dog pictures. Some people on Facebook share some completely amazing photos of their pets that have the power to lift my heart.

-I give a fuck about my job. My title is Design and New Media Manager. “New Media Manager” is essentially code for “takes care of all the social media accounts.” The power of Facebook in particular for managing business pages has waned in recent years with algorithm tweaking and payment structures. But, it has its place and is a critical piece of a diverse marketing puzzle at my day job.

So since I’ve deemed quitting not an option, curation is the name of the game. I’m not obligated to stay FB friends with people I met once or never even met. I’m not obligated to stay in groups that don’t value my input and don’t provide value to me. I’m not obligated to waste my time defending my values and the things in life for which I give precious fucks.

The dabbling strategy will now be a ruthless strategy. No more putting up with something for nine years (yes, I said nine) before letting it go.

And no more worrying about what I write here for fear of, once again being labeled oversensitive, over offended, and over everything. I write here for me, and as it stands, I have like four readers anyway.

And as for what people think, you guessed it, I don’t give a fuck.



  1. Angelica Ross   •  

    This is beautiful. I love it. And I want to join you in breaking up with bullshit. I’m getting so sick of staying neutral and you’re right, there are limited fucks to be given, so why waste them on stuff that really doesn’t matter in the broad scheme of it. I love your voice here, lady, keep on writing!

    • sam   •     Author

      Thanks Angelica!

  2. Rog Law   •  

    Hey Sam,

    I love the hell out of this post and especially the title – can I borrow its awesomeness?

    It also reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Elizabeth Gilbert and hot damn is it true:

    “I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

    Keep breaking up with the bullshit. Why didn’t they tell us as kids that there would be so much bullshit to breakup with as we got older?!

    • sam   •     Author

      Seeing as how I got the inspiration for this whole thing from you, you can borrow whatever the fuck you like! 🙂

      You quoting Elizabeth Gilbert only makes me love you more, man. She is my spirit animal.

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