33 Before 33 – 6ish Month Update

In February, I shared a list of 33 things I planned to do before turning 33, inspired by my friend Ryan. Now that it has been about six months, it seems to be the right time to share an update on where things stand with all these goals and intentions.

  1. Visit South Korea. Not yet but tickets are booked!
  2. Visit Japan. Not yet but tickets are booked!
  3. See 3 of my favorite friends marry the loves of their lives. One down, two to go!
  4. Serve on the committee for the Swissvale Community Garden’s second growing season. I continue to do this. I’ve created a website and applied for three grants for the garden, one of which was successful! 
  5. Engage more deeply with my local community and help to make dramatic impacts on the area. I don’t know how dramatic an impact I’ve made. But I’ve engaged and learned a lot so far.
  6. Complete the Rachel Carson Trail Challenge. Nope.
  7. Hike 100 miles on the North Country Trail in celebration of its centennial. We’ve covered about 5 miles so far…
  8. Do an assisted pull-up. (Look for an unassisted pull-up before 34! Maybe…) I totally fell out of my yoga, weight lifting, or anything good for me routines for a few months, so progress on this is stalled. I am clawing my way back into these routines and believe I can recover and still accomplish this goal in time.
  9. Hold a solid crow pose. (Bakasana for you Sanskrit lovers.) See 8.
  10. Read 15 more narrative books. I thought I had only read 1 of these but I looked back, and it’s 3! I haven’t been reading much, and I hate that. Lots of catching up to do.
  11. Read 3-5 entrepreneurial/inspirational type books. One.
  12. Re-establish daily meditation practice. I meditated for one day. Does that count? Ha. No.
  13. Complete at least one of the beautiful coloring books I was gifted for Christmas. Not even close yet.
  14. Walk for at least 10 minutes every day. This is not happening at all. There are some days where I barely break 2000 total steps. I’m probably going to amend this goal related to a 30-day self-experiment, something I plan to write more about soon.
  15. Be less judgemental. I’d like to say I’m succeeding here, but also, eh.
  16. Shave part of my head. I am going this afternoon!
  17. Refresh my Spanish skills using Duolingo. I started up for about a week and then fell out of the habit again. Any language learning time over the next two months will be dedicated to learning some key Korean and Japanese phrases. I’ll have to revisit Spanish practice after that trip.
  18. Summit Mount Davis. (highest peak in PA, admittedly not that high.) Not yet. Still planning on it when the humidity isn’t boiling.
  19. Interview 12 local Pittsburgh area artists. (1st one here.) Up to 7! Check them out: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. #7 will be up later this week.
  20. Visit Fallingwater for the first time. I still haven’t done this, but plans are in the works to visit with N’s parents.
  21. Spend a little time in a salt cave. Not yet.
  22. Take a painting on glass class. I did this, and it was fun. It reminded me how much I enjoy playing with being creative. And, of course, I painted my babies!
  23. See some great acts live – David Cross, Ellie Goulding, Florence + The Machine, Janet Jackson, Beyonce. (And yes, I want credit for not making each of those its own list item – 33 is a lot of things!) David Cross- check. Ellie Goulding- check. Florence + The Machine- check. Beyonce didn’t happen because of budget/timing issues. Janet Jackson didn’t happen because she postponed her tour…again. I still have my tickets, but I’m not confident I’ll get to use them before I turn 33.
  24. Make a fabulous loaf of gluten free bread. Not yet.
  25. Go camping three times. Not yet 🙁
  26. Attend the Laffey family reunion for the first time and meet a bunch of relatives I don’t know. This weekend!
  27. Have a weekly Moscow Mule night on the deck during the summer. I haven’t had one Moscow Mule night yet- this needs to change.
  28. Pay really close attention to our household budget, and stick to it, for a whole year. We are paying close attention. But some significant life changes are making it more challenging than normal.
  29. Write more. (Specifically, I published 21 posts on this blog in 2015, so I’m shooting for 25 before I turn 33) I’ve posted 4 (this one will be the 5th) posts- obviously, I have some catching up to do.
  30. Make a painting! Not yet.
  31. Dance more. I went to two dance parties…
  32. Go 30 full days without logging on my personal Facebook account. (I have to access groups and pages for work.) I am on day 19 of this. The first 2-3 days were tough and made it clear that I am addicted. Since then, it’s been pretty easy. I’ve learned it’s a little harder than I thought to manage pages while keeping the personal stuff (namely, notifications) tuned out. I am inspired to try doing all sorts of things for 30 days at a time.
  33. Go 30 full days (a different 30 days) without watching TV. Not yet, but again, inspired by the idea of 30-day self-experiments.

Some things I’ve done so far that aren’t on the list:

  1. Stayed in an AirBnB for the first time.
  2. Celebrated my 10-year anniversary with N.
  3. Decided to leave my full-time job this fall and pursue running our businesses full-time. Exciting! And scary!


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