I turned 33 the other day…

My 33rd birthday passed without much fanfare, just as I would prefer. I didn’t accomplish many of the things I set out in my 33 before 33 list of goals. But I’ve come to realize that while goals are good, there needs to be room for them to evolve and change. And an arbitrary schedule for goals may not be all that useful. I did publish a 6-month update to that list. I may or may not publish a final accounting just to tie that year up with a bow.

One thing that I definitely and very obviously didn’t hit the mark on is publishing in this space more often and more consistently. In theory, I’d like to say I’ll tackle that again this year, but I’d rather be truthful and realistic. I like this space and I want to keep it alive, but it’s not a priority.

After leaving my full-time job at the end of October, most of my time has been dedicated to promoting and building the two businesses that Nathan and I share: Porter Loves Photography and Porter Loves Creative.

I also started blogging here because I felt like writing was a mode of creativity that I valued and required a place to express myself. After way too many years of not creating by way of my first love, painting, I’m feeling more and more drawn to use my time to do that more than write. Painting is a much more visceral way for me to create and explore without overthinking.

I will continue to show up here and write when I’m inspired to do so, but I’m still waffling around what that will look like. I’ve been struck with the compulsion to get on here late at night and rage about the current state of the world, but I’d rather leave that to people who are far more articulate about such matters.

A few updates:

-In the upper right-hand corner of this site, you’ll see a Buy Art! link. As it states on that page, Nathan and I have started a Society6 shop featuring his photography and my paintings on various prints and products. Half of all proceeds are donated to the ACLU. More images are added all the time.

-You’ll also see a My Favorite Books link. I am an avid reader, but rarely find the energy to publish reviews or thoughts on what I read. I’d rather just pick up another book and keep reading. That said, I do track the books I read and wish to read on Goodreads. The link on this site it to my aStore and only includes books that I’ve given 5 stars to. It doesn’t cost you anything to buy through my links, but I might get 11 cents or so if you do 😉 This will continue to be updated as I read more fabulous books.


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