McGinnis and Bean?

Photo by Jenny Karlsson

To really enjoy the better things in life, one must first have experienced the things they are better than.Oscar Homoka

My Boston Terrier/Pug mix is named Porter McGinnis. My Boston Terrier is named Jeanie Beanie, or often lovingly, The Bean.  They are my children. I am obsessed with them. When coming up with a name for this space, which features my personal stories, struggles, and who knows what else, I kept coming back to the middle names/nicknames of the two creatures that give me unconditional love and laughter every day!

My name is Sam. I live, work and play with my partner of eight years, Nathan, and the aforementioned two adorable puppies. I grew up in Los Angeles but found a true belonging in Pittsburgh when I moved here over 11 years ago to attend Carnegie Mellon University. I find both embarrassment and pleasure in the fact that most people recognize my laugh from several rooms away. I am passionate about art, food, books, Steeler football, groovy patterns and the color green. And my dogs, duh.

As an extension of my love for art, I am enthusiastic about helping artists and creative business owners find success. To learn more about working with me, visit Porter Loves Creative!